We specialize in creative solutions for unique real estate challenges.

    Our experience uniquely spans virtually every real estate asset category, from retail and food and beverage, to multifamily, hospitality, and creative office space. We have participated in the conception and realization of some of the most famous addresses in this country and internationally, and have both planned, and found users for, a wide variety of unique real estate locations.
    In real estate, value is defined by the bottom line. Our almost thirty years of experience across multiple real estate product types has demonstrated our ability for adding value. We create unique solutions to challenging real estate through our experience, market knowledge and creativity.
    Our work has taken us around the world, and so we have the first hand experience with a variety of solutions to real estate challenges. From Boston to Waikiki Beach, we have developed strategies for creating an address that becomes the most important, and highest value, destination in the market.
    Regardless of the market, there are always a variety of constituents to consider, ranging from potential partners and sponsors, local leaders and project neighbors, to outspoken bystanders. We have a long track record of working closely with these various stakeholders in creating both an exceptional final product and a smooth process toward that result.
    Common to all of our diverse assignments is a concern for our shared future. This approach results in enduring, long term value- for project sponsors, the occupants of the spaces we create, and the communities in which they are located. Our best references are our previous clients and colleagues.